Trial Consulting

Our trial consultants excel in providing exemplary trial consulting services, offering a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge technology, strategic analysis, and courtroom expertise to empower legal teams.

Document Management

Our e-discovery document management services encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions, including meticulous data collection, preservation, processing, and hosting services. We specialize in leveraging advanced technologies to ensure seamless OCRing, Bates labeling, and scanning services for efficient document management, all while maintaining a secure chain of custody to meet the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance.

Impactful Multimedia Presentations

Our adept case strategists employ a state-of-the-art arsenal of presentation tools, including Document Cameras, Video/Audio Mixers, Touchscreen Annotation Monitors, iPads, Loaner Realtime Laptops, Projectors, and Screens. By seamlessly integrating these technologies, we craft impactful multimedia presentations that captivate audiences, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in conveying complex legal information, thereby enhancing the overall persuasiveness of your case.

Industry Leading Consultants

Our industry-leading consultants collaborate closely with you to craft a compelling case story, leveraging their expertise to distill complex information into a narrative that engages and persuades your audience. Additionally, we deploy the nation’s top technicians to synchronize video to transcripts and exhibits, ensuring seamless integration and enhancing the overall impact of your presentation with precision and professionalism.